Ammonoosuc Chapter Trout Unlimited Newsletter - May 2021



     Apparently, the combination of the arrival of spring and the lessening of the effects of Covid 19 have contributed to having virtually no material for a newsletter to having to pick and choose what to include. I am not complaining!


     One of the most exciting recent projects is the release of the video that was produced last fall supporting the efforts of the Coldwater Land Conservancy Fund. You may recognize some of your fellow Ammo members in the video; however, the real significance is the importance of the fund—not only to our Ammonoosuc Forest project, but also for similar efforts throughout the country.


Coldwater Land Conservancy Fund Video


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      Along with the Ammonoosuc Forest project, several of the Ammo board members are meeting later in the month with the staff of the SPNHF (forest society) to help plan the design of the access point(s) to the river, as well as to co-ordinate TU volunteer help in creating that access.



     Another ‘first’ for the chapter is working in partnership with Adaptive Sports in Franconia to teach their handicapped clients how to fly fish. Two of our members (instructors) will be meeting one on one with two of their clients in mid-May for a series of three lessons. It is planned for lesson numbers two and three to be held at the new handicap accessible platform on Profile Lake. (You may recall that the Ammo chapter was very supportive of the creation of that platform).




      Work on the dam removal/fish ladder construction at the Breeder Pond (Franconia Notch) continued last week.  A site meeting with TU engineering staff was held at the breeder Pond. As the design phase of the project progresses, Ammo TU members are working on the application to TU for an Embrace A Stream (EAS) grant. It looks like we may partner with the Pemi TU chapter on the grant application; hopefully, strengthening that application.

     After leaving the Breeder Pond site the same group traveled to Bath, NH to do some final design work on the Child’s Brook culvert replacement and cattle crossing. We found strong collaborative messages from the landowner as well as town officials. Construction on that project is planned for late August/early September. We also have an EAS grant approved for that work and will need volunteers to assist at the tail end of the project to do some planting to enhance the site.


Improve Your Skills


Fishing skills:

ORVIS - Fly Fishing Lessons - Setting The Hook and fighting fish.


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Knot Skills:

RIO - Four fly fishing knots for connecting a leader to tippet material.


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     I am pleased to announce that Trout Camp is going to take place this year. All three phases are ready to go, and I am told that Trout Camp is ‘sold out’. Ammo’s Art Greene is one of the counselors/instructors.


     Lastly, please go to the KAMIK 5k website  and register for the 5k to be held August 14th. A portion of the event’s proceeds are donated to Ammo TU, and this money is a MAJOR source of the Ammo chapter’s income.

Stay healthy!!

Schuyler W Sweet, President

Ammonoosuc Chapter

Trout Unlimited

Ammonoosuc Chapter Trout Unlimited

P.O. Box 745, Littleton, NH 03561