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Ammonoosuc Chapter Trout Unlimited November Newsletter


This has been a particularly busy fall season for me, and I hope for many members, with a beautiful time for fall fishing. The highlight event for the month was on October 12, an “Open House” at the site of the Ammonoosuc River Land Conservation Project. The NH TU Council and the Society for the Preservation of NH Forests invited all TU members from NH and several from chapters in Massachusetts. Ammonoosuc TU held a hot dog cookout. Many people fished (very successfully!) and others simply enjoyed a beautiful fall day on the river when they could explore the property. Tom Howe from the Forest Society described the project and plans to raise funds to conserve the land. Many NH chapters are discussing contributions, the Nor’East Chapter from Massachusetts just contributed $5,000 and others from MA are in discussion.


A particularly exciting offer to the Ammonoosuc Chapter is for $5,000 in matching funds on a dollar-for-dollar basis for contributions to the above land conservation project from members, local businesses and “friends of the chapter.” So far, we are half-way to the goal! We hope an upcoming mailing to Ammo TU members, which will be included in a mailing from the NH Council to all NH TU members, will help us realize the goal to contribute the full match to the project. It will offer a very special, nearby fishing location where we can also host activities for members and for kids, and to teach fly fishing.


In early October we received very welcome news for funding the Childs Brook Project in Bath. A grant of $2,000 will be available from TU National Embrace-A-Stream funds and $1,000 will be provided from the Trout and Salmon Foundation. These funds will be used to improve habitat in the brook and to add wood as cover for fish and insects. We sincerely hope that future proposals will successfully fund a cattle ford and replacement of three badly corroded and damaged culverts. 


On October 29 Schuyler Sweet, Ammo TU VP, and I were invited to Tender Corporation in Littleton where we received a very generous gift of $2,900 which is a result of our participation in the Tender 5K Walk/Run held on August 18. Many, many thanks to all our friends at Tender which has so generously supported us from this event since 2017.


The newsletter this month is being distributed by Paul Starring. Paul is temporarily assuming the task from Ron Ouellette who in the past has done an excellent job as Ammo TU Web Master. Ron is now working temporarily in the “far west.” We have felt Ron deserves a break from this task and it may be best to have newsletter distribution and the web page management done in NH. Ron, thank you for your computer skills and for all you have done as Web Master over the past year! A note to all readers- Paul and I will be carefully reviewing our mailing list soon to be sure the newsletter reaches all our members and “friends.”


Below is an announcement for our annual Ammonoosuc TU Holiday Party to be held on December 4, and for the next regular chapter meeting for Thursday, November 14. Please join us at both events!


Art Greene, Ammo TU President



Ammonoosuc Trout Unlimited

Holiday Party

Wednesday, December 4 at the Beal House Inn, 2 W. Main Street, Littleton


5 pm Cocktails (cash bar)

6 pm Buffet Dinner:

  • Roast sirloin or grilled chicken with garlic and herb butter sauce

  • Roasted potatoes

  • Roasted broccoli

  • Kale salad

  • Brussels sprout salad

  • Warm cheddar biscuits

  • Warm cookies and brownies

  • Coffee and tea


$35 per person - Yankee Swap ($10 gift max) - Raffle - President Update

Send checks to Ammonoosuc TU, P.O. Box 745, Littleton, NH 03561

Notify Schuyler Sweet by November 27 at sweets47@myfairpoint.net of number planning to attend.


Please come to meet with Ammo TU friends and to exchange “big fish” stories!


November Chapter Meeting

Sportsman Discusses the Federal Clean Water Act

And Presents His Newly Published Book


On Thursday, November 14, at the next regular meeting of the Ammonoosuc Chapter of Trout Unlimited, David Van Wie will discuss the federal Clean Water Act and also tell us about his newly published book, Storied Waters- 35 Fable Fly Fishing Destinations and the Writers & Artists Who Made Them Famous, which was very recently published by Stackpole Books. The meeting will be at the Littleton Community Center, 120 Main Street, Littleton and begin at 7 pm. The public is invited! Refreshments will be served.


The federal Clean Water Act of 1972 set a goal “to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Nation’s waters” and further to provide for “the protection and propagation of fish, shellfish, and wildlife” and provide for “recreation in and on the water” by July 1, 1983.


 We have made much progress in cleaning up America’s waterways during the past 47 years, but the goal to make all waters of the U.S. fishable and swimmable remains elusive.  David Van Wie will discuss how the Clean Water Act actually works and why it has been so successful in restoring and maintaining water quality in many major water bodies even as our population has increased by over 50%. He will also highlight what challenges remain, especially in waters that support trout and salmon. Finally, without getting too far into partisan politics, he will explain what has been happening lately to weaken protections under the law. 


David Van Wie is the former director of Maine’s Bureau of Land & Water Quality where he was responsible for administering the Clean Water Act under authority delegated by the U.S. EPA.  He writes a monthly column for The Maine Sportsman magazine about environmental issues. He is also author of two books about fly fishing for trout: The Confluence- A Collection of Essays, Art & Tall Tales About Fly Fishing & Friendship now in its second printing; and, Storied Waters- 35 Fable Fly Fishing Destinations and the Writers & Artists Who Made Them Famous, which was recently released by Stackpole Books.


Here's what the publisher said about Storied Waters:


Storied Waters chronicles the author’s six-week odyssey from Maine to Wisconsin and back to explore and fly fish America’s most storied waters and celebrate the writers and artists who made them famous.


In a 5,000-mile journey covering over 50 locations in eight states, Van Wie follows and fishes in the footsteps of giants from Thoreau to Hemingway, Robert Traver to Corey Ford, Louise Dickinson Rich to Aldo Leopold to Winslow Homer and many more. Storied Waters provides a virtual roadmap through 200 years of fly-fishing literature and a literal road map—complete with local fishing tips—to the hallowed waters of our sport. Storied Waters is a grand vicarious adventure, driving the backroads for weeks at a time exploring beautiful places, and meeting fascinating people who share a common interest. With an easy, conversational writing voice enhanced with spectacular photographs, Van Wie relates an eclectic mix of travel narrative, natural history, and fishing tips and advice, as well as a deep (but sometimes humorously irreverent) appreciation for the writers who have created such a rich legacy of stories about fishing over the past 200 years.


Both of David's books will be available after his talk.


Ammonoosuc TU Regular Meeting at 7 pm 

Thursday, November 14th

At the Littleton Community Center, 120 Main St., Littleton

Refreshments will be served.  Guests are welcome!